Hear What Others Have To Say:


"I have been following Jennifer for a while now. I used to have high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and many more issues with my bloodwork.  I made some changes to my diet and added in some exercise and did a 21 day cleanse like she had recommended for me and ALL of my bloodwork is back in normal ranges! Now, instead of going to the doctor every 6 months I now only have to go annually!  I also lost about 14 pounds! I feel better and she has inspired me to keep making changes to a healthier lifestyle. THANK YOU!!!"

— Laura Hosier


"“Jennifer is the Marie Kondo of habits! She just gets it because she lives it and knows how to help you apply the same strategies that work for her. I’ve consumed a lot of content from habits experts, including reading at least four books on habits this year alone. But working with Jennifer helped me to finally transform from someone who knows about habit transformation to someone knows how to transform her habits with intentionality. That is, I was finally able to close the gap between what I knew I should do and actually doing it!

If you have some areas where you’d like to create new habits to support positives change in your health, you’d be crazy not to work with Jennifer. She will help you get there faster, with less stress and more confidence! Make changes and make it easier on yourself. Get on her calendar now.”"


— Melissa Lehman