“The Preservation Of Health Is Easier Than The Cure Of The Disease.” - B. J. Palmer


Hi, my name is Jennifer Merchant and I am an Integrative Health Practitioner who specializes in wellness, weight-loss, and anti-aging.  As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I am apart of a greater community dedicated to serving those in need. I help people lose weight, heal their gut, and gain their energy back by healing the whole person using a truly integrative form of natural health.

In my programs, I use the DESTRESS healing protocol which takes into account diet, exercise, stress, toxins, rest, emotional balance, supplements, and a success mindset. Please keep in mind that I do not cure, treat, or diagnose disease. I provide health coaching and education to help you replace your deficiencies, remove your toxicities, and re-balance your body from the inside out.

You’re in the right place if you are:

  • Busy, ambitious, and looking for a simple, sustainable, and straightforward approach to lose weight, heal your gut, and gain your energy back

  • Sick and tired of jumping from one fad diet to the next and not getting any results

  • Ready to take back control of your health like… yesterday

  • Frustrated with the overwhelming amount of information available

  • Seeking concrete answers to your underlying health issues


I’ve combined my integrative health practitioner knowledge with my expertise in habit development to create a wellness program that you can actually stick to. I’ll be there along the way to help you implement new healthy habits into your daily life so that health becomes your new norm, not just something you focus on so that you can fit a bikini when summer arrives.

Wellness is not just a number on a scale or counting calories every day and it begins by looking at your gut. I believe that in order to be truly healthy, you need to adjust your entire lifestyle and my goal is to make this transition as easy as possible for you!

If you are facing any of these problems, I’m here to help:

  • Constantly feeling bloated after every meal

  • Lack of energy, motivation, and/or ability to focus

  • Struggle to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Irregular bowel movement, constipation, diarrhea, IBS

  • Feel like your health is okay, but not optimal


My Story


Let me tell you a little secret, I never planned on getting into the health field whatsoever.  I grew up eating Kraft mac’ n cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and frozen pizzas which felt totally normal to me! I thought that pasta was a healthy option until my senior year of college.

I started my career right out of college working in luxury hotels hoping to manage a luxury resort of my own one day.  However, the universe had a different plan for me. While working at my first full-time job at a luxury hotel, I met a woman who changed my life forever.


She had suffered from a myriad of health issues for years and was told that there was nothing she could do other than take medication to mask her symptoms. However, after doing her own research, she was able to lose 80lbs and drastically improve her health conditions in a matter of months all from simply changing the food she was eating.

I have to admit, at first I thought she was crazy. But here she was telling me that eating clean meat and vegetables helped her climb out of a really bad place. She inspired me to read my first natural health book and ever since, I’ve been obsessed!

This led me to reading many more books (in all areas) and learning as much as I could about natural health and personal development and I started implementing the things I learned into my own life!  

Over time, I was able to heal my Candida Overgrowth (that I didn’t even know existed a year before), clear up my eczema that I’ve had since I was born, and gain so much more energy than I ever had before!

At the same time, I was starting to realize that the hospitality industry wasn’t really a good fit for me. I was spending my evenings, weekends, and holidays at work rather than spending time with my family. I saw my managers missing their kids soccer games frequently and I myself missed out on several things that were very important to me.

I passed up my opportunity to receive my Master’s degree from Cornell University and got a job there instead while I figured out what my next move was. While I wasn’t at work, I was reading books on health and habit implementation and coaching my friends and family on things they could do to improve their own lives while also healing my own body from digestive issues, candida overgrowth, and even significantly reduces my endometriosis symptoms.  By doing these things, I was able to get rid of my bloating and my pain, improve my skin, and add way more energy into my life. And as an added bonus, I drastically improved my Endometriosis symptoms which I didn’t even think was possible!

I finally decided to make this thing official and get certified as Integrative Health Practitioner through one of my greatest mentors and now I’m here, helping people just like you take back control of their health every single day and loving every second of it!


My Healing Journey

When I was 16 years old, I was told I had Endometriosis, which was not really a surprise at all considering most of the women in my family do. In fact, 1 in 10 women have endometriosis. If you do happen to have Endometriosis as well, then you know that there are no conventional ways to treat it. I was basically told to get on birth control, take heavy-duty pain-killers to help with the pain, and get surgery a few times until I finally decided that I didn’t want any more kids. Then, I would get a hysterectomy and it would be over.

When I was 20, I seriously contemplated making the decision to never have kids because it was so bad! I couldn’t even get out of bed some days because of the pain and I even called off work because of it several times. One thing you should know about me is that I NEVER call off work for anything so you know it was bad.

But then I discovered how my lifestyle choices were only making my condition worse. The food that I was eating, the alcohol I was constantly drinking because, college. The mold that was in my tiny one-bedroom apartment at the time, etc.

It didn't happen overnight but I started making small healthy changes over time and now, I barely even notice that I have Endometriosis! I started by cutting out dairy which is one food that can flair up endometriosis the most! Then, I started cutting gluten out of my everyday diet. After making the diet changes, I noticed a world of difference but it wasn’t until I completed my Candida and Bacterial Overgrowth Cleanse that things really changed for me! Ever since I finished my 90-day protocol, I haven’t taken medication once for my pain and I barely even notice it at all!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve continued to make changes to my lifestyle to get even better. I went off my birth control pills after realizing they were doing way more harm than good (do the research on this!), I changed out all of my household and personal care products to chemical-free alternatives, and I implementing a consistent workout schedule!

Now that I’m healthy, I still stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle but I can also still enjoy my favorite foods too!

Once I realized that maybe I can’t cure my Endometriosis, but I can definitely help it, I started to think, who else is out there suffering from "untreatable" diseases for no reason?

And now I’m here. Because I don’t think a diagnosis deserves as much credit as we give it. There’s a reason the disease came about in the first place. Your job is to fix the underlying root issues and to let your body do the rest. It’s smarter than you think!

My Mission


My mission as an Integrative Health Practitioner is to share the knowledge that you CAN be in charge of your own health, no matter what the circumstances are.  I provide health coaching and education to help heal the whole person using a truly integrative form of natural health using the DESTRESS protocol. Together, we will find the underlying cause of your health struggles and work to re-balance your body from the inside out!

My goal is to share the knowledge that you need in order to create a truly healthy life for yourself and to change the stigma of aging.  I don’t believe that pain, sickness, and discomfort automatically come along with aging, I believe that it is possible to live a quality life much longer than the current average.

Vitamin Angels

I also believe in giving back. 10% of any purchase will go directly to Vitamin Angels, a non-profit company that donates lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children under the age of 5 at risk of malnutrition. This company works daily to reduce preventable illness, blindness, and death to work towards creating a healthier world.


Learn More


If you’d like to work with me 1:1 to achieve your wellness, weight-loss, or anti-aging goals and receive your own Personalized Wellness Plan, you may apply online now for a 60-Min Wellness Consultation, my Personalized Wellness Plan, or my 12-Week Wellness Program. All consultations take place over Zoom video chat anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to email me at jenmerch456@gmail.com with any questions or visit my FAQ Page and I look forward to hearing your success story soon!


Since you came here to learn more are about me, here are a few fun facts:

  • I live with my boyfriend (Nathan), our 4 cats (Sapphire, Calvin, Wayne, and Jasmine), our chinchilla (Chichi), or our baby German Shepherd (Yara).

  • Nathan and I host and manage an Airbnb right in the heart of the Finger Lakes Wine Country, come visit us!

  • I’m a health coach but I also love to enjoy a glass of wine (I live in the wine country, it’s kinda a requirement!)

  • I’m obsessed with Tinker Bell, monkeys, and planners/journals!