Jennifer Merchant, IHP2

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My mission as an Integrative Health Practitioner is to share the knowledge that you CAN be in charge of your own health, no matter what the circumstances are.  I provide health coaching and education to help heal the whole person using a truly integrative form of natural health using the DESTRESS protocol. Together, we will find the underlying cause of your health struggles and work to re-balance your body from the inside out!

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Jennifer Merchant, IHP2

Jennifer Merchant is an Integrative Health Practitioner who helps people currently suffering from chronic inflammation, digestive issues, and autoimmune conditions to lose weight, heal their gut, and gain their energy back by healing the whole person using a truly integrative form of natural health.

In her practice, she uses the DESTRESS healing protocol which takes into account diet, exercise, stress, toxins, rest, emotional balance, supplements, and a success mindset. She does not cure, treat, or diagnose disease, she provides health coaching and education to help you replace your deficiencies, remove your toxicities, and re-balance your body from the inside out.

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My goal is to help you achieve your wellness goals! Whether that means helping you lose weight, heal your digestive issues, detoxify, sleep better, gain more energy, reduce chronic inflammation, or build an overall healthy lifestyle for yourself, I’m here to help!


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Receive personalized lifestyle recommendations including: diet, exercise, rest, detoxification, nutritional supplements, de-stress, and more!


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Run a Functional Medicine Lab test to receive concrete data on your body including: gut health, hormone levels, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and.or toxicities, heavy metal toxicities, and so much more!


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Laura Hosier

"I have been following Jennifer for a while now. I used to have high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and many more issues with my bloodwork.  I made some changes to my diet and added in some exercise and did a 21 day detox like she had recommended for me and ALL of my bloodwork is back in normal ranges! Now, instead of going to the doctor every 6 months I now only have to go annually!  I also lost about 14 pounds! I feel better and she has inspired me to keep making changes to a healthier lifestyle. THANK YOU!!!"